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#658240 NHL Draft 2015 @ Sunrise, Florida

Posted by PenaltyKiller on 06 June 2015 - 03:40 PM

Yeah it's highly likely that the top 4/5 will go that way, but outside of those it'll be a crapshoot. Like you I'm mostly excited about Provorov but would be fine with a nice forward like Rantanen or Barzal.


I have heard a lot of mixed things, mostly negative, about Crouse. Mind sharing any insight you have regarding him? From what I've heard, he's a big, gritty forward that doesn't seem to have much upside apart from being a bottom line depth guy.

Sorry I haven't been around in forever.


My insight is pretty much the same. He's controversial because his production for a potential top 10 pick is below average, but scouts rave about his game. He's supposedly a safe bet to be a NHL player, the question is what is his upside? Is he just going to top out as a third line checking forward or does he have room to grow? Some imagine him as the perfect complimentary winger to better players like G and Voracek while his lack of offense is hard to overlook for some like me. He is a good goal scorer, but I'd hesitate to take him that high. He was logging big minutes and has a man's body yet still couldn't dominate in juniors?? To me that's questionable.


I think he's probably more of a third line checking forward which really wouldn't be terrible because we need defensive forwards, but I think there are likely to be players with higher upside at 7.

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#657876 The Current Team - 2014-15

Posted by pat-1 on 15 October 2014 - 08:43 PM

Oh yeah...

Have I mentioned once in the past few years that I thoroughly hate the shoot out ?
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#657454 Official Offseason Thread 2014

Posted by JohnnyDrama55 on 16 June 2014 - 06:59 PM

"sarcastic devil's advocate".. i like that. Our team lacks defense, Richards is one of the best defensive forwards in the game. Our team would be better defensively if he was still around or GOD FORBID we brought him back. And Carcillo got a goal in GAME 7!!! We lost 2-1! Talk about clutch player..... now is that a sarcastic or realistic comment? Wait... didn't we eliminate the Devils in 2010 because of him too? I can't remember i don't feel like checking the box score for a meaningless game (cough game 3 in the PLAYOFFS, where every game is "real meaningless") 

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#631493 2011-12 Flyers Predict-a-Score Game

Posted by The_Mighty_Tim on 29 September 2011 - 02:16 PM

2011-12 Flyers Predict-a-Score Game

Back for it's fifth season - it's the Flyers Predict-a-Score Game for the 2011-12 season. Think you predict the outcome of the Flyers games this season? Well, lets see how accurate you are compared to your FMB friends. Who will join aphockey, Kappy and two-time Champion ericmedc in the Predict-a-Score Hall of Fame? Will it be you?

It works like this. Simply tell me what you think the score will be in each game, and score points accordingly. You will score 1 point for getting the score right, 1 point for getting the winning team right and 1 point for getting the goal difference correct. This means up to 3 points per game are up for grabs. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to earn double points by predicting the All Star Game result. Further details will be available nearer the time. The person(s) with the highest score at the end of the season will be crowned the 2011-12 FMB Predict-a-Score Champion.

So, I hope you will all enjoy! Standings will be available via the link in my signature!

Official Rules

1. Predictions must be made either in this thread, the appropriate GDT or sent to me via PM. Predictions made elsewhere will not be counted.
2. Predictions for a game must be made before the game starts.
3. Occasionally, mistakes may occur. If you spot something amiss in the scores or the rules, let me know, and I'll sort it out as best I can. I'm only human. However, the decisions of me (or, if I'm not available, my designated subsitute) are final.
4. I will try to update the scores and stats after each game. But like I said, I'm only human, so don't worry if results aren't up immediately.
5. This is meant to be a harmless bit of fun, with nothing at stake, save bragging rights. So, please don't take it too seriously, and do not cheat. If I find you cheating for whatever reason, I will disqualify you from this game, and possibly future games.
6. Have fun!

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#630301 :NHL News And Rumors:

Posted by ericmedc on 21 August 2011 - 04:28 AM

Chris Drury retired.

I don't trust former avs players retirements
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#658244 NHL Draft 2015 @ Sunrise, Florida

Posted by CARTMAG on 09 June 2015 - 03:50 PM

I think the only way Hexy makes a trade with Draft Picks is to move up, not down.. with the ammount of picks the flyers have anyway i dont see them trading down for more picks since they already have 2 firsts,  2 seconds, 3 Thirds, that is 7 within the first 3 rounds ... and since this is supsoedly a stacked draft... i see them picking in every slot

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#658171 Berube axed

Posted by PenaltyKiller on 17 April 2015 - 02:52 PM

I just wanted to say that. :cheers:

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Posted by KyleBucket on 02 March 2015 - 08:22 AM

We're going to have a parade under Hextall. At a very minimum, we'll at least have a franchise that can sustain constant success because we'll have a farm system again. I just hope he resigns MDZ to a reasonable contract. 

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#657990 Kings Waive Richards

Posted by pat-1 on 31 January 2015 - 11:18 AM

I agree with 52 on this.
This team has done nothing but get worse since these trades, and a few other poor decisions . I just can't agree how we so clearly won these trades.
I'm also not so sure that Richards would be the same player he is now if he never gets traded. I think going from his leadership role here to the Kings to not being very important to their lockeroom probably hurt him a lot. just the whole way Holmgren treated him in fact . I know when I'm not happy with my employment position, my work suffers. I just can't figure any other reason for such a huge loss of heart.

Also , Kyle is right about our defense being the most of our troubles now. We were though, a far better team defensively with Richie and Carts as our centermen. They made up for a lot of poor d-men that were here then .

Anyway, one last thing is it really burns me up when I see people saying good riddance and other stupid things like that( not just here , other places as well) . Richie played hard here for us and did not want to leave here and deserves more respect than that .
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#657877 The Current Team - 2014-15

Posted by xXACACIA89 on 16 October 2014 - 12:29 AM

So are you recommending the Flyers trade Giroux, Simmonds & Couturier for picks/prospects @ the deadline to better their chances @ McDavid/Eichel?
That way we start over & by the time the untradable contracts expire should have an excellent junior team ready to don the O & B.




No, I'm not suggesting they opt for a complete rebuild. You can build around Giroux, Couturier, and Simmonds, of course. I was using that as more of an example to make the point that blowing your team up to "rebuild" is a form of tanking that people rarely take issue with because it's usually a method used when things are bad enough that the team isn't winning games and the fans aren't enjoying the on-ice product.


Alright so we found the one other person who agrees with the Pittsburgh style of building a team. You use the Sixers as your main example which is a sad point to say the least. The Sixers are a team that have become a joke in the Philly sports world. They have next to no fans anymore and certainly no one I know is talking about them. If that is the price of getting young talent, I say no thank you.


When you purposely lose a game, what do you say to the fans that showed up to support you and who likely paid 100+. It's alright guys, cause in 3-4 years we will be winning the cup! I can't believe that anyone would think this way, but I suppose fans are very different at times.


As for the moral victory... Well take it for what it is. I think that anyone who roots for their team to lose is a poor fan. Fans that I associate with are out there rain or shine, up 3 goals or down 5. We sit there, we watch, we cheer because our team has heart and they always try. Sometimes it looks like the team packs it in and the fans let them hear it. The vast majority do not subscribe to your losing mentality.


We all want the Flyers to win the cup as an end goal. I just prefer that they try their hardest every game and try to win. The entire Flyers organization agrees with me, thank god.


We can stop calling it the "Pittsburgh" style of building a team. If you're content to just look at the Penguins, let me open your eyes to the reality of the last several cup winning teams.


Kings - terrible and irrelevant for years, stock up on great draft picks, win the cup twice in 3 years

Bruins - terrible and irrelevant for years, stock up on great draft picks, win the cup

Blackhawks - terrible and irrelevant for years, stock up on great draft picks, win the cup twice in 4 years

Penguins - terrible and irrelevant for years, stock up on great draft picks, win the cup


Notice a pattern? It sucks, but this is the way it works now.


The Sixers are a laughing stock right now, yes. However, you'd be hard-pressed to find any Philly fans that don't agree with what Hinkie is trying to do. I think most people would agree that selling the few players keeping us in purgatory so we could suffer through a few bad years in exchange for a decade+ of great basketball and prosperity is a preferable plan. The process is still ongoing, so calling what they're doing a sad example is baseless. 


I will never go up to see a game and start yelling at them and telling them to lose the game. That's not the point I'm trying to get across. Calling me a "poor fan" because I start rooting for draft picks after the season is a wash and the Stanley Cup is out of reach isn't cool. I can tell you that even when I take on that mentality I will still watch the games and be happy when they win, but in the back of my mind I'm always conscious of the fact that winning this game might not be the best thing that could happen for us long term.

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#657861 The Current Team - 2014-15

Posted by PenaltyKiller on 13 October 2014 - 08:06 PM

You can try to rationalize your position if it makes you feel better about cheering for defeat. The bottom line is that if the Flyers are bad and give it their all, we are all happy to have a top prospect. The point is to always give it your all and play the best you can. The results may speak for themselves.

Where did I say I was cheering for defeat? It is the third game of the season. Where did I say I don't want them to give it their all? Never happened.  Until people learn reading and comprehension skills this discussion is useless.

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#657649 Official Offseason Thread 2014

Posted by KyleBucket on 01 July 2014 - 09:27 PM

Nashville and FLA both had interest in him during the draft, I'm guessing Hexy was asking too much, or they wanted a pick with Vinny in exchange to take on the contract. Or maybe Vinny said no to both, don't know why he would turn down NASH though, as he would certainly get more ice time with them.


I really do not mind no big moves this offseason, if Vinny sticks he will most certainly be a commodity at the deadline if he progresses.


if I were the Flyers I would put him on a strict offseason regime, including a diet and cardio program. Have a trainer work with him as well when camp starts, have him skate with a parachute and weights, or with a trainer in tow using bungee cords. He was so unconditioned last season and needs to improve there.


None of that fixes his ailing back though. His skating has dropped off for years now and, at his age, he isn't changing his offseason routine to prove anything to anyone (lets be realistic). I'm sure he has the mindset that he has proven himself enough after winning a Cup, etc. This was a stupid signing from day one and I've hated it since the minute I read it on Twitter. Now look where we are? At least Laughton is finally going to get his shot. 

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#657453 Official Offseason Thread 2014

Posted by Flyerfan52 on 16 June 2014 - 06:46 PM

Once again, you're wrong. My reference to brainwashing was ignoring the obvious, which was that it'd be stupid to bring a player, i.e. Richards in this case, back after trading him the way we did. It makes it even more stupid when his diminishing numbers are completely ignored.  Also, take your heart out of this. You clearly have your panties in a bunch because I'm talking about someone you felt was wrongly traded. Great. Whether he was or not, that's besides the point. You knew what my point was Carcillo, but you want to be the sarcastic devil's advocate. That's like saying Matt Cooke is deserving of a Cup. Please, argue that. Moreover, if you think that proves your point, I'd disagree. I'd argue Carcillo had one (not two) big goal against us, but please tell me what that did? Did that win them the Cup? No. Did that win them the series? No. Did it even win them the game? My guess is no, but I don't feel like checking box scores for a meaningless game at this point. So, at that point, I ask: was is even a big goal at all? You can guess my answer. 


As far as 52 goes, I won't really even bother to get started with you because you and the Richards Brigade have beaten it to a bloody pulp. We know you're still saddened by Richards departure. Boo hoo. You used an absolute codswallop argument in your favor in hopes of backing "regular season numbers aren't everything" when they're as bad as Richie's were. That is absolutely ludicrous. Weren't you on the train that wanted Briere gone? Let me correct myself, it wasn't a train. Anyone with eyes could see that was a good decision. Why? You'll get that answer after the following sentence. You'd be entirely contradicting yourself in that respect because it's none other than Mike Richards. Without regular season numbers, you don't make the playoffs. That's why Danny is now gone. His lack of regular season numbers made his lack of defense no longer excusable. I lump Richards into that same category right now due to his cap hit, whereas Briere it was age + cap hit.


Richards has fallen off, accept it and move on. Maybe if he ever finds motivation, he'll be a key to a SC team. There's a reason they want to buy him out/change his entire offseason program. Do "professionals" saying that make that argument stronger or will you continue to ignore that too? Justin Williams was a lesser talent who is playing better than him at the age of 32? Yeah...let that sink in. 

or you can ignore all of that and just accept it summed up in:
I feel like I'm listening to a couple women whose favorite TV boyfriend got killed off.

So you honestly believe the Flyers are now a better team then they were 2009-10 or 2010-11.

2010-11 were 1st in the Atlantic, dropped to 3rd in 2011-12 & 4th in 2012-13 (missed the playoffs). Last year 3rd in the revamped division called the Metropolitan they lasted 1 round.

If that's improving WTF do you consider getting worse? Are you 1 of those that want to finish last & draft MacDavid?


As to the buyout theory have you ever seen a reputable source? Eklund doesn't count as that. It's the type of story hacks run to fill a page in an attempt to get hits. More reputable sources mention that there are UNSUBSTANTIATED  rumors but some people that follow hockey use those rumors to support their own slant on a player.


BTW, if you were to read a post rather then just take away what you think gives you ammunition to attack those who's views you disagree with you'd know I never advocated bringing either Richards or Carter back. I doubt it could happen.


As to comparing Briere to Richards it's just inane. When few Kings were putting up flashy regular season #s (25 teams scored more goals last season but 0 were scored on less) Richards was still being a steady defensive player (which you admit Briere never was).


There are players on the Flyers that have more impressive offensive #s in the last 3 years but none have lifted the SC twice. On paper (& in your opinion) they might be better players but outcomes are determined by what happens on the ice.


Have a nice day. :D


The parade in LA was pretty good. :cheers:

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#649960 :NHL News And Rumors:

Posted by pat-1 on 24 January 2013 - 05:48 PM

I wonder if this is really why Gagne was traded. If so, it's really disappointing.


It really would be disappointing, but in the end it really worked out good for him.
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#633985 2011-12 Flyers Predict-a-Score Game

Posted by PenaltyKiller on 30 October 2011 - 04:01 PM

Darn you Lavi for screwing up my prediction by putting Rinaldo on a 5-3! :lol:

I was cheering for the 6th goal because that would have been an incredible prediction.
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#627667 Lines

Posted by laxgrl2PA-c on 28 June 2011 - 04:09 PM

Just figured I'd cross out all the people who are now gone from the team to see how odd it looks.

I put Leino in italics, because I'm not sure if he'll be back or not.

meh, just cross him off too
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#657869 The Current Team - 2014-15

Posted by xXACACIA89 on 15 October 2014 - 09:56 AM

We're arguing over a hypothetical situation and your position on said situation. Typical to quote reading comprehension when you clearly lose an argument and no one agrees with you  :ph34r:


No, when the system is broken there is nothing wrong with hoping the season wasn't a complete waste. The Sixers have spent the last 10 or so years in irrelevant purgatory and they finally wised up and are doing what it takes to build a winning team. Look at all of the fantastic young talent they're stocking up on. 


To sit there and root for your team to win meaningless games when they have no way of actually competing for a championship is short-sighted and a waste of time.


The way things currently stand supports the idea of tanking. That's how the system works. The worst teams get the best new talent. Also, you can't look at one team (Oilers) who is a perennial failure of an organization and say "see it doesn't even work!" People get all huffy over the idea of tanking, but no one seems to question the idea of "blowing a team up" entirely and starting over. The two are synonymous, guys. You are in essence tanking when you trade away or release all of your expensive talent.


I get tired of hearing people try to take the moral high ground in saying "how could you ever hope your team loses!" Yes, I have rooted for the Flyers to lose completely meaningless games that do nothing but erode our chances at better future talent. If you're content with rolling mediocre players out there year after year and never winning a cup, by all means go ahead and root for them to land in the middle of the pack again this year. 


It's still too early to tell what this year's team is, but so far it is not looking good. No one is going to go tell them to lose come February or March if they are already clearly out of it and I'm not asking the coach or anyone else to do that. However, I will be hoping they're not one of the teams that lands right outside of the playoffs, or even squeaks in at the last minute only to be pointlessly bounced in the first or second round. I am not satisfied with small moral victories anymore. It has been about 40 years since we had a cup. I am tired of small moral victories. 

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